BLINDED takes pride in creating high quality, American made products that assist, enhance or ease the hunter’s experience. The founders of BLINDED have used their decades of hunting experience to develop unique, versatile products while keeping in mind the challenges hunting presents. The Q-Safe (Patent Pending) climbing tree stand moveable anchor was born from this experience.

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BLINDED hunters believe in and practice safe and ethical hunting habits. We encourage all hunters to educate themselves on the relationship of hunting in harmony with nature and ask all hunters to respect the outdoors and harvest selectively.

Q-Safe Hunter Safety HarnessQ-Safe(Patent Pending) brings quality, quickness, quiet, and of course, safety to hunters using climbing tree stands. Designed as a better approach to a moveable anchor, the spring-loaded nylon strap offers a solution to safely ascending or descending a tree.

Unlike traditional ropes, Q-Safe snaps snugly to the tree and stays there on it’s own, allowing the hunter a safe, hands free tree stand climb. The looped ends offer the strength of traditional lifting straps.

Q-Safe is a quality constructed and sturdy alternative to keep you secure while you climb. Hunting has enough risks without unnecessary safety hazards like no-tether climbing, so remember the 3 Q’s of Q-Safe from Blinded Hunting…Quick + Quiet + Quality = Q-Safe. Click Here to Buy, and get home safe with Q-Safe!

Crows Nest from BLINDED Hunting

Crows Nest from BLINDED Hunting Let BLINDED Hunting show YOU how to Get REAL!

┬áThere’s no substitute for the REAL thing. Are you trying to hide your silhouette while on stand? Is that camouflage burlap causing you to stand out? Does your expensive fake foliage not match the season, or is it difficult to set up and burdensome to carry to and from your stand?

The Crows Nest is an easy to carry, simple to use new product that allows you to maintain real, natural camouflage matching the area you’re hunting – all season long.

Using a unique bracketing system, the BLINDED hunting Crows Nest to utilize the foliage around your stand or from nearby trees that will naturally blend into your surroundings. Proven in the deer woods of Ohio, the Crows Nest gets you close and helps dampen and diffract your scent.

Click here for more info on the Blinded Hunting Crows Nest.

The Blinded Hunting Crows Foot

Crows Foot by Blinded Hunting

The Blinded Hunting Crows Foot

The Blinded Hunting Crows Foot
This is an example of the effectiveness of the BLINDED Hunting Crows Foot. The picture you see above on the right is from the exact same camera location as the tall picture of the lady hunter shown at left…and yes, she is still up there in the photo above!

The Blinded Hunting Crows Foot slides into an open end step on a climbing stick, and comes with a securing rope. Each Crows Foot holds up to four branches. Place them on the steps beneath your stand for natural concealment.



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